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Was initially (and might still) make up a Bad Moon themed character, but while messing around came up with a Orkimedes idea, so wanted folks to have a look, ...
Orkimedes kitbash
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Cybork by diegogisbertllorens
Armageddon Campaign- Player Armies- Patrick's Orks With Orkimedes
Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub
Empire ogre Tyrant
Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and R2D2 by magicpearls - Original sprites made by Orkimedes on DeviantArt. #Star_Wars
Orkimedes: pincha para ampliar
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OrkimeDeS ...
Orkimedes' Kustom Gubbinz... Reliquias Orkas
yavinbase - Invader League Single Elimination - Orkimedes (R) vs Garnanana (I) - Twitch
LVO Top 6 lists and (brief) Recap
Big Mek Shokk Attack Gun
scodo 0 0 night op halfway by scodo
Orkimedes (EoinmcOrks)
Star Wars Legion Podcast Ep 5 -Interview with Kyle Dornbos (Orkimedes) from Never Tell Me the Odds
ork titan
Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back, 1980 Original sprite by Orkimedes on DeviantArt. :)
this is my take one orkimedes what do you think?
Thread: Orkimedes Teleporta
#orkimedes | Explore orkimedes on DeviantArt
yavinbase - Invader League Single Elimination - Orkimedes (R) vs Garnanana (I) - Twitch
Listen to Star Wars Legion Podcast Ep 5 -Interview with Kyle Dornbos ( Orkimedes) from Never Tell Me the Odds now.
Competitive List-Building for Dummies, Pt. 1 (Guest Post by Orkimedes)
Darth Vader – Dark Lord of the Sith
An Ork Mekboy
greater daemon of nurgle photo KIF_3930.jpg
Empire Tyrant Ogre
caligraphy ork by scodo
Battle Brothers Let's Play / Gameplay | #28 | Orkimedes
The Hunt for Orkimedes @ 2011/04/24 15:51:42
Middle Bridge, Mordheim
It's finally time to decide the TCGS Game of the Year for 2018. https://youtu.be/NG95GN83EG4 Available on @ApplePodcasts, Google Podcasts, ...
Big Mek Boss Pole
LVO – The Data Article, Part One
Orkimedes steam account avatar
Andrew took Vior'la Tau, including a Manta, and three Riptides with drones.
WIP Warhound photo KIF_3285.jpg
Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum β
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Officers' Mess: Wonder Twins
scodo 0 0 hold on to the pin sketch 1 by scodo
The skull represents Orkimedes'
Judges pick winners in each category, but there's also Listeners' Choice awards for each category, so please vote for us before 21/05! ...
SR Spirit Manager by Orkimedes.xlsx - Google Drive | Cyberpunk | Pinterest | Cyberpunk.
Original sprite from Card Saga Wars by Abysswolf and Orkimedes
Orkimedes' gubbinz. Still a #wip #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram
1 - The Koronus Expanse Legacy 1 - Are You Ready For Some Footfall.jpg
The Daily Spelunk - Episode 63: An Abominable Affair. Orkimedes
photo OgreNipponwip.jpg
The poor fisherman by the Middle Bridge, Mordheim
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Suppression Tables
Big Mek Mega Armor & Kustum Generator
Cadia stands.
Mad Dok Grotsnik
... Engine The Necronomicon Vol. 2: Daily Spelunky Deaths - Dec. 2018
nurgle meagadaemon green2 photo KIF_3950.jpg
Para el resalte de los bordes blanco y hueso muy seco. Para el óxido diversas tonalidades de marrones y hueso deslucido.
Image result for star wars storm troopers “
Uploads from Orkimedes
Stormboy WIP 01 Stormboy WIP 02
Speedlunky! - Victory in 5 minutes 42 seconds!
The Hunt for Orkimedes @ 2011/04/20 14:21:39
Blood bowl
A clan is a massive, enduring philosophical viewpoint of life. The great thinker Orkimedes once postulated that 'thinkin' iz for gitz, but everyone'z a git, ...
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First off, I thought it was interesting that in the fluff sections where it talks about famous groups from Ghaz's various invasions of Armageddon, ...
Invader League EU 8 - Orkimedes (R) vs bgmoore (I)
Luke Skywalker
Gerard's Gaming
Orkimedes, the master Great Gargant builder. Wip #ork
Ork Mek 7th Ed
Oddboyz, Bosses an' Bosses wit' Proppa Namez
Shooty Stompa photo KIF_7824-1.jpg